OpenRIMS-RPM - Installation Part 2

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Configuring Google Authentication

OpenRIMS uses OATH2[1] to allow authenticate using Google login. For each deployment, the Google Authentication need to be configured separately.

The Google guide is available here for additional reference and detail: and

Here are the steps to perform:

  1. Use a Google account to access the Google Cloud Console
  2. Create a Project unless you already have one
  3. Access APIs & Services for that Project
  4. Navigate to Credentials
  5. Create Oauth Client ID
  6. Choose Web Application
  7. Add Authorized Redirection URI e.g.
  8. After clicking Create a Client Secret and a Client ID will be created. You need both for the below configuration of OpenRIMS.

After configuration it will be necessary to copy Client ID and Client secret to the

## OATH2

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